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Win a FREE RACE KIT to A Better Run for the Veterans!

We're running a contest for the first time! Thanks to God's Wind Events! Who wants a FREE RACE KIT?

We'll be running a contest for the first time - thanks to God's Wind Events, you can get a chance to join the A Better Run for the Veterans on August 4, 2012 - for FREE!

Contest Guidelines:

1. The contest is open to all runners with age 13 years old and above.
2. LIKE our PeñaRUNzi Facebook page here.
3. Finish this sentence: It’s an honor to run with the veterans because ____________________.
4. Provide the following details: name, age, e-mail, preferred running category, and singlet size.
5. Deadline for joining is until 02 August 2012. Names will be posted in the GWE website, PeñaRUNzi blog, and Facebook pages of GWE and PeñaRUNzi.
6. There will be three (3) winners: one for 3K category, one for 5K category, and one for 10K category.
7. Winners will get their race kits on the race day, 4 August 2012.

Join now and be one of us as we run with the country's gems - our veterans!

My London 2012 Olympics in Numbers

3:45 A.M. – My cell phone started singing NKOTBSB’s “Don’t Turn Off the Lights.” It’s like my phone’s saying, “Get up or miss the Brit party!”
15 minutes – Total time my ginger tea got ready for drinking. That’s what I drink every day to wake up my body organs. TV turned on (Derek Ramsey already made my day).
1 – Number of hours I stood in front of the TV set. I did stretching for the first one hour of the opening ceremonies, as I might go back to sleep if I sit down.
0 – That’s how my mouth looked like during the whole show because it’s jaw-dropping – and every time the commercials came (ugh!)
1 – My first time to enjoy the Olympic Opening Ceremonies from start to finish, since the 2000 Sydney Olympics. I never got to watch the Beijing show because my dad was sick then. I couldn’t remember where I was hiding in 2004.
6 – Number of times I have witnessed Olympics in my lifetime, starting with 1992 Barcelona, 1996 Atlanta, 2000 Sydney, 2004 Athens, 2008 Beijing, and 2012 London. I was busy being a kid of the 80s.
30 – Number of minutes of my Saturday run. I left the house during the Parade of Countries, and momentarily came back inside the house when I got an SMS message from my brother that Team PH is on their way. It was also during my run that I thought of an idea about a pending essay entry. See what running does?
1 – A silent prayer I hushed as I saw the PH flag carried by weightlifter Hidilyn Diaz. God, this is hope against hope; please give us a gold medal.
2 – Number of times I watched the replay. I couldn’t get enough of Daniel Craig, Rowan Atkinson, J.K. Rowling, Mary Poppins, Euro Pop, Sir Paul McCartney, and everything Brit! Such is the creativity of Danny Boyle. Britain, thanks for the Saturday morning rock!
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I can't wait for August.

I know. The last time I took pictures of my two runs in a month, I ended up giving the slots away.

Good thing I don't believe in jinxes.

Hope to run with you on A Better Run for the Veterans (August 4) and Rexona Run (August 12)!

Let's run this August!




I am glad to have Eat Pray Run's pink and yellow editions of their Tireless shirt.

This is not to do a show off that I don't get tired after a run.

It's my way of committing myself more to run for causes, and seldom join commercial fun runs. What and who do I care for?

While I'm thinking of that, I'm going to stare at my Tireless shirts for the meantime.

Posted via email from PeñaRUNzi

It's Olympics once again!

Faster. Higher. Stronger. So excited for the 2012 London Olympics!

I've never been this excited anticipating for the Olympics, this time to be held in London.

Well, for one, I never got to see even the opening ceremonies of 2008 Beijing Olympics because during that time, we focused on my dad who got sick.

Second, I used to see track events as BORING. Now, thanks to me being a running convert, I am anxiously waiting to see the London tracks (at least in front of our TV set) and the best of the best athletes in the world.

According to the 2012 London Olympics site, there's still a few days to go before the biggest sporting event held every four years will take place. I know that beyond the royalty and David Beckham (sorry, I can't help it) are the indomitable human spirit emerging from every life's surprises.

What's our excuse? Athlete Oscar Pistorius will run in the Olympics. (source: Runner's World PH Facebook page)

Top 10 Tips To Look After Your Running Body

If you're a beginner runner, it may be tempting to jump straight into an intensive running program. However, before you get going, it's important to bear in mind some top running tips to keep you injury free. From keeping well-hydrated during running through to resistance training, here's how to look after your body while out running.

Top 10 Tips To Look After Your Running Body

I am all set for A Better Run for the Veterans!

Just signed up at Reebok ATC! With smiles like that of Coach Alvin and Ms. Joy, would you not run for the veterans? By the way, also in the picture is "Mara", the mannequin wearing the A Better Run for the Veterans singlet. Coach Alvin said that "Clara" is at Festival Mall. I wonder why the names are so familiar. :D

I have finally visited Alabang Town Center (the last time was in April this year) to sign up for A Better Run for the Veterans! No less than the power couple of God's Wind Events (GWE), Coach Alvin and Joy Mendoza, were there when I signed up for the run. Geesh, I haven't seen them in more than a year! I knew the short chat wasn't enough for the updates, but sure the time was worth it!

Coach Alvin is just all praise for the veterans, as he gave some details during the preparation for the A Better Run for the Veterans. Well, I have no doubt in my mind that runners will join A Better Run for the Veterans in honor of what the veterans have done for our country.

So, I'm all set for A Better Run for the Veterans on August 4, 2012! How about you? Check the details on the following links:

Rexona Run 2012's theme: Outrun, Defy, and Surpass Yourself

Mark your calendars, runners! Prepare to outrun, defy, and surpass yourself!

Personally, I missed last year's Rexona Run 2011. That means my dad was never able to get his Rexona freebie. Hopefully I could join this year for a Rexona deo!

Check the details here

Outrun Yourself
Ready to defy gravity?


RunRio's Rexona Run 2012 happens on August 12, 2012 at SM Mall of Asia!