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5K Jitters

A week before the Hyundai Run for a Cause - I'm starting to have jitters. Gotta fight it!

I was walking alone this morning when I realized that it's a week before the Hyundai Run for a Cause 2012.

I am not actually sure if I am prepared to run 5K.

I was planning to enjoy around three bouts of 3K before going to 5K. But then, I saw it too late - Hyundai Run for a Cause only has 5K and 10K categories. I have printed my registration form when I realized what I signed up for.

I know that I was able to slash two minutes of my time in a 3K run. But I am feeling the jitters because the Hyundai Run for a Cause is not 3K - I need to run an additional 2 kilometers.

The only consolation that I have right now is that my family is going with me in the Hyundai Run - a first (my dad finds it hard to travel due to his old age).

But I am determined to run and walk, run and walk, and finish the run with at least a smile - and alive.

I do not dream of getting podium finishes on my run, anyway. For me, every finish is a podium finish - compared to the couch potato me before.

So I finished my walk today with a smile.

I know I'll be able to do that next Sunday.

Better late than never for DASH FOR LOVE race results

Thanks to everyone who joined in Dash for Love!

I'd like to apologize to GWE for the late posting for the race results of their last month's Dash for Love.

But then, better late than never.

You may check the race results here.

New PR for my 3K!

My Earth Run 2012 3K results out! And it's great news!

"Dim the lights, here we go..." - Ryan Seacrest

It's one of Seacrest's American Idol lines (I know it because I watch the show). It felt like I heard Ryan Seacrest say it when I got the link to my race 3K results for last week's Earth 2012.

My Timex said I finished Earth Run 2012 3K at 26:19, two minutes earlier than my current fastest at 28:16. Lo and behold, my official race results showed 26:16! See it - along with the other scientific details (ahem) - here.

I thank Roy R. Flores of Itemhound for sending me the link to my Earth Run 2012 race results.

Hyundai Run for a Cause Advisory - and oh, Happy Earth Day, too!

Hyundai Run for a Cause happens a week from now! Not registered? You may still go to their website to take a survey and support your cause!

Happy Sunday! And oh, Happy Earth Day, too!

I was about to prepare to get my Hyundai Run for a Cause race pack when my woman's intuition whispered, "check your e-mails." I was planning to do that after I come home from getting my race pack, but since I got time, I opened my computer and typed in my e-mails' password.

And lo! I saw an advisory from Hyundai:

"For those who haven't claimed their race packs yet, you can claim them starting on MONDAY (APRIL 23) until WEDNESDAY (APRIL 25), since we are replenishing singlets as of the moment. Additional race packs will be delivered on Monday."

The said message was also posted in their Facebook page.

Glad I heeded to my intuition. At least I did Mother Earth a favor by lessening my carbon footprint today.

Oh by the way, did you run today?


Happy Earth Day!

My BGC run for Earth Run 2012: A series of firsts!

BGC roads conquered! Thanks to Earth Run 2012!

At long last, I have crossed Bonifacio Global City as a dream running venue. Thanks to the Earth Run 2012! Here's a rundown of the series of firsts!

One: After a series of communication, my friend, Lester Leyva (who works for ETC Channel and I decided to meet so that I could get my Earth Run 2012 race pack. Well, what can I say? My Earth Run 2012 race pack was especially delivered. This is FIRST ONE because 1) this was our first meeting in one year and four months and I tell you, the time was not enough for the catch-up stories and 2) it was the first time my race pack was "special de abot." Thanks, Lester!

Two: It's my first time to go to BGC for a very early morning run! Since my running buddies will run 21K, I decided to go on my own to BGC.  Honestly, I know my way to BGC, but my early morning trip included concerns on accessible vehicles from Ayala to BGC's 28th Street and riding the taxi alone. My mother was to the rescue to accompany me. Super thanks, mom!

Three: As soon as I saw people with the same Earth Run 2012 singlet as mine, I knew I was on the right location. After going to the registration to give my form and doing stretching, I made my way to the starting line along with hundreds of 3K runners. BGC, at long last! I'm going to run on your roads!

No less than Solar Entertainment's Wilson Tieng sounded the 3K start alarm. The Earth Run event started on time, so the 3K schedule of 5:05 am was followed.

Me after seconds after the gun start of Earth Run 2012's 3K event.

Four:  It was my first time to run in BGC! It was like BGC roads welcomed me. I sent an SMS to Lester while I was on a walking break (he replied that I'm texting while running! Haha!) It was cool to run in a different venue. I hope to familiarize myself with the surroundings the next time because for now, I only know the Bonifacio High Street area.

Five: It was my first time to run at 5:00 am! Usually, this time is for 16K or even 21K starts. It was good because it's summer; I started the run with no sun and ended the run before the sun rose. Awesome!

Moreso, the Earth Run 2012 event was properly organized. Their dri-fit singlet and time chip are cool, tents were properly labeled, great water station locations, nice giveaways, and there were a lot of Earth Run 2012 crew along the way. Kudos to AdEvents Manila and Solar Entertainment!

Six: It's still unofficial, but my Timex said I ran my 3K in 26 minutes, two minutes earlier than my Rain4Africa time last October 2011. Whoopee!

Kudos to everyone behind Earth Run 2012!

Seven: Well, it's my first 3K (and first joined event) of the year!

My very special thanks to Lester Leyva and Ms. Obando for making my first run in BGC (through the Earth Run 2012) happen.


DREAM FINISH. Ken Mendola shows his medal after the marathon - and he shared his 26.2 miles experience here!

COURAGE. This is the word that for me, best explains the first person featured in my blog’s Run This Way. Courage explains how he finds happiness in his life’s path and in running.

Before running, this person has cared for hundreds of patients as a nurse. I know he has experienced nice and irate patients, but he did his work, anyway. Though he became a victim of the circumstance, an irregularity in the 2006 licensure exam for nurses made him decide to re-take it, in spite of passing it the first time.

It was courage that made him try his luck for the American Dream; it was also courage that brought him back and decided that the Dream can be fulfilled in his home country. Little by little, success has started to come in.

HOME IS WHERE THE HEART IS. Ken (7th from right), wife Clare (in yellow) and the rest of his LSD buddies.

Last month, he crossed a marathon finish line in the 2012 The Bull Runner Dream Marathon, two years after enjoying his first 5K. If that’s not courage, I do not know what it is.

He is Ken Mendola.

He Runs This Way.  

Runner’s Name: KEN MENDOLA

What do you do?  I’m a Nurse.

I started running in April 2010.

I used to see running as a...  sport (but now, a passion).

I decided to run because... a fellow nurse encouraged me to run.

Ken Mendola (front) and other co-TBR runners tries the Nuvali roads.

My favorite pre-race meals are ... McDonald’s Spaghetti or bread with peanut butter and a banana.

My favorite distance is 21K because ... I’m starting to enjoy the distance and the challenge.

Ken (center) with friend and The Bull Runner.

The people I admire most or get inspiration from are ... Dennis Ong (a runner friend and confidant), Carlo Castrillo (my good friend since college), and Jaymie Pizarro (The Bull Runner).

When I’m out of the road, I am busy with ... my VMobile business or doing nursing care.

The best running advices I have ever been given were ... “Just do it” and “Never quit.”

I used to see marathon as ... too long and boring.

I chose to join the TBR Dream Marathon 2012 for my first marathon because ... it’s my dream to run my first marathon with the best Philippine marathon for first timers.

Ken (4th from right) proudly holds his bib number 342, alongside his co-TBR friends.

Ken (2nd from right) poses with co-TBR runners minutes before the gun start.

 The easiest part of the marathon (whether in training or during the race) was ... signing up for the marathon.  

The hardest part of the marathon (whether in training or during the race) was ... following the six-month program consistently, with the right discipline and attitude.

The best marathon advice I have ever been given was ... “Eat right before the race, hydrate well during the race, and start slow during the first half of the marathon.”

The last word that I thought of after hearing the gun start was ... “Game on!”

The first word that I thought of after crossing the finish line was ...


 My first marathon finisher’s medal will most likely be placed in ... my runner’s memorabilia box.
Marathon has taught me that ... all is possible. I got to know myself in a deeper way, too.

I have crossed out “running a marathon” in my bucket list, but I still do dream of running ... either the TBR Dream Alumni Race 2012 (event in planning stage) or The Bull Runner Dream Marathon 2013.

Photos courtesy of Ken Mendola.

Let me know what you think of my blog's new feature by clicking "Like" and placing your comments below!

Presenting my new blog feature: RUN THIS WAY

Easter means new beginnings, too! Wait for this blog's new feature in a few days!  (

Happy Easter, runners!

This year, we experienced a 5-day holiday. Were you able to do your runs? Me, I did my simple walk-runs for 4 out of 5 days! More this soon.

Since Easter also means new beginnings, I thought of introducing something new in my blog. As a beginning runner, I thought of featuring runners who have conquered their worries, problems, and maybe a few injuries, all for the love of one passion: RUNNING.

But here's the thing: the runners that are to be featured here will not be the famous ones. I will be featuring simple people with greatest running aspirations.

Let me explain this further.

It’s not that I don’t like famous runners. I aspire to be like them someday, too. Given the chance, I would grab the opportunity to get a piece of a famous runner’s mind. But then, they already covered miles and miles in running. For beginning runners, they are already in the pedestal – someone who’s out of reach (I’m talking of the miles, not the attitude). And sometimes, if beginning runners find out how great these famous runners are, they tend to step back and begin to doubt themselves (I know that feeling because, hey, I am so like you – a beginning runner). 

When on the case of simple people, well, they could be people who could just be in your neighborhood (“Oh, he’s the one I see every day, running like crazy!”), or your officemate, or someone you may remember to have brushed shoulders with you or gave you your finisher’s kit after a running. For a beginning runner, if that person can do it, so can he/she.

There would be no hard questions; just simple thoughts on running. Because they are simple people.

This new blog feature will be called RUN THIS WAY.

Catch the first one soon!