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If you don't feel like you no longer have running hopes, think again - and watch this.

A partially-paralyzed triathlete (wow, a triathlete at that) is set to join another competition with the use of a gadget. You may watch the video here.

What I love about her is that she kept on pushing herself to achieve her goal, no matter what. If people like her can do it, why can't we?

You Choose.

from Pinterest

Earth Run 2012

One of my very good friends, Lester Leyva, who also happens to work at ETC, sent me this Earth Run 2012 poster. He hopes I could join this - and not other running events on that day - or else the friendship will end.

Well, he's been my friend since college (I reminded him days ago that it's been a decade since we graduated, I made him think of how he had changed from size 3 to 6), so I'm REALLY thinking about this. :D

Prince Harry bolts past Usain

The news from Yahoo! really surprised me. Number one: I never knew Prince Harry is a runner. Number two: Usain Bolt, the fastest runner in the entire world, was beaten by the Prince of Wales? It's not that I doubt it, but it's too good to be true.

Last week, Prince Harry visited Jamaica. He participated in a friendly race with Bolt. See the video here.

Number one: I loved how Usain "gave way" to the Prince. Number two, Prince Harry is getting cuter every day.

Keep Running

We all have voices in our minds. Some veer to do good, others, bad. Some, tell us to stay. To which voice shall you listen to?


 Running gives freedom. When you run you can determine your own tempo. You can choose your own course and think whatever you want. Nobody tells you what to do.

- Nina Kuscik, marathoner

Nine-year-old dies after being forced to run

Word to parents: I know kids will sometimes get into your nerves, but please, do not punish them by running non-stop.

Weeks ago, news spread about a nine-year-old from Alabama who died after her grandmother and stepmother forced her to run for three hours (!). Read the article here.

Too Tough Beginner's Plans

from Pinterest /

I chanced upon this article from Runner' It's about a beginning runner who finds all running plans too tough for her. Read it here.

I think I have read most of the beginner's plans that I could get my sight on. What happened was that it's either I got confused or overwhelmed. What should I choose? Which one is the best?

Well for me, I guess it could only go down to these two: listen to your body and just do it.

PeñaRUNzi turns 1 today!

Thumbs up for one year!

Well, like what we always say, time flies fast.

And it does.

PeñaRUNzi is one year old today! Woo hoo!

After 12 months of trying to run and writing about my foot journey, my blog is now one year old. Thanks for reading!

Here's to more pace, race, and blessings!

I made it!

The smile of a person who got her confidence back (in running, that is). Thumbs up!

Not on the cover of the Runner's World Philippines (just not yet).

I attended the Runner's World Philippines Running Clinic Second Leg at the San Miguel by the Bay of SM Mall of Asia.

Close to 40 runners (from newbies to the not-so-newbies) participated in the clinic. Apart from the pre-registered participants (one of them was me), they were some who just signed up on the day itself.

Coach Joar led the running clinic. After spearheading the slow jog, he gave us a short lecture on proper running form (he based the lecture on his observation on how we ran).

Doing the "zombie stretch." Oh wait, the plants are over there.... :D

Coach proceeded to teaching us the dynamic stretching and drills for mid foot strike. Both are important to lessen injuries.

RWP Participants after the clinic, holding their copies of the Papa Piolo issue.

After Coach Joar showed how do to each stretching and drill, all participants were asked to return demo per group. "With the proper running form, you would look like an elite runner even if you're just running 3K," Coach Joar said. Everyone laughed, but we all agreed.

After the cool down (this is also important!), Coach answered some questions from us. His advice to newbies? Do 2-1 in your training (for example, run 7K this week after running 10K last week) to prevent over fatigue and injuries.

Coach Joar and Prince, a co-participant, who happens to be my brother's former colleague in the altar servers group in our parish.

The Runner's World Philippines Running Clinic boosted my confidence to run again (which I admit, waned down when I got my injuries last year).

Can't wait for the next session on March 11!