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21 October 2012 is Livestrong Day

Indeed, there is unity in strength.

By now, you know that spokesperson and 7-time Tour de France (before it was stripped from him months ago) Lance Armstrong stepped down from Livestrong. But I would still encourage people to join the Livestrong Day on 21 October 2012.

Lance Armstrong is one of the people that I admire, not only because of how he spends each day for his passion, but also of how he fought the toughest enemy of mankind to date: cancer. I recently saw a very good friend died from it. Moreover, in the last three years, three people (including my friend) that I knew died from cancer.

I encourage everyone to join this so that we could participate in finding a way for cancer cure.

And as what Livestrong says, there is unity in strength.

Details on the Livestrong Day event can be read here.