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Soya-deprived PeñaRUNzi

One of my comfort foods and a fantastic way to end my weekend runs - soya (taho). The other cup was for my dad.

Ages ago, when I was not yet injured (hahaha), I would always get my dose of soya after my weekend runs.

Okay, I’d better say it in Filipino: taho.

After finishing my an hour long of slow distance run, I would end up in front of our house, holding my Winnie the Pooh cup, anticipating the friendly taho vendor. When I hear his familiar call, “Tahoooo!!!” I feel the world is in a better place.

Eating taho does not only do well for the body (it’s recommended for those who have hyperthyroids like me). It is like a tap on my shoulder for a good weekend run.

It also brings me back to old times when I was still young, without a care in the world - except when I don’t want to be the “it” in our tag game.

So imagine the deprivation that I felt when I suddenly realized that the friendly taho vendor has not been showing up for the past weeks.

This can’t be happening – not being able to do my weekend runs and getting my taho is too much too bear.

I started asking my mom why he has not shown up. I thought of buying soya products in the supermarket, but nothing beats the taho being sold on the street. I even thought of getting a taho franchise.

I was about to get distressed when I heard the familiar voice. “Tahooooo!!!”

I immediately grabbed my Winnie the Pooh cup and went outside the house. In a few minutes, I was again savoring the taste of my taho.

I may have not been running for close to two months now, but its taste makes me feel that somebody is still tapping my shoulder, as if I just had my good ol’ slow distance run.

I suddenly felt hope again.

And the world is in a better place.

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