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Runner's Creed -- The Road to Peace

July 11, 2010. It was the first time that I ran. And the rest was history.

A year after, I never expected to be sitting out because of an injury, but a lot has changed.

I have learned that I can finish anything in my life.

Saturdays and Sundays became more special, 5PM weekdays runs are a must-wait.

I have learned to love buko juice and energy bars.

I learned that waking up in godly hours in the morning for a 3K or 5K run is worth it - and it's not silly to run 42K.

I have been more conscious about what we eat. I have told my mom for us to slowly stop eating meat - something that I never thought was possible years ago.

And a lot more.

So after one year of falling in love with running, it is just fitting that I saw this YouTube video from New Balance.

I hope that I'd get to memorize The Runner's Creed in time for the day I come back to the roads.

The Runner's Creed

This is my run, there are many others like it, but this one is mine.

My run is my haven, it is my life.

I must muster it as I must muster my life.

Without me, my run is nothing.

Without my run, I am nothing.

I must run its road through.

I must run faster than the stress of the world that is working to drag me down.

I must outrun stress before it overruns me. I will.

I swear this creed,

My run and I are the defenders of my sanity.

We are the masters of my body we are the saviors of my life.

So be it until victory is mine and nothing remains but peace.

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