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I did a lot of walking in Hong Kong.

HKIA by PenaRUNzi

It was surreal. It was my first time to travel abroad. I never imagined myself doing that in my lifetime.

But then, the plane landed in Hong Kong International Airport. I was in it. Wow! I’m out of Manila!

I made sure my New Balance 870 was with me up to a foreign land. I may never have gone there to run, but going from one place to another may mean a lot of walking.

Going after the Disneyland friends can be very tiring.

One more thing to consider: I came out from my four-session knee therapy, so no running for me yet.

And walk I did.

I walked in Hong Kong Disneyland.

I love the train, I love the HKDL... I want to come back soon!

I walked to Mariner’s Club to hear Mass.

I walked in Ocean Park.

I walked going to The Avenue of Stars, Hong Kong Museum of the Arts, and 1881 Heritage.

Few seconds of running beside The Bell Tower. Couldn't resist it.

I walked in Hong Kong International Airport for my departure.

A lot of walk! I loved it!

I wished I had a walk-o-meter to check the total distance of my short stint in Hong Kong.

I had fun doing it.

Will I come back for a Hong Kong Marathon stint in the future?

Well, if Mickey and Minnie Mouse would be running with me, who knows?

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