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I am again at the second stand alone issue of Runner’s World Philippines.

July - September 2011 issue of Runner's World Philippines, with ultra triathlete Monica Torres on the cover.

I was skimming the new issue (with triathlete Monica Torres on the cover) and when I gazed at a name published in the magazine’s Running Commentary.

I had the quizzical “Hey-wait-a-minute-this-name-looks-familiar” gaze on the said magazine's page before I finally realized that I am reading my name.

Hey wait a minute: that's my name. Oh! My comment made it! :)

I suddenly remembered that I sent them an e-mail for their first stand alone issue.

I would have jumped for joy but I couldn’t. Instead, I feasted my eyes on the published e-mail (and the Piolo picture on top).

Moreover, I saw me on one of the pictures of their RW Running Clinic that has been conducted per quarter. I hope to attend one again after my injury is gone because I enjoyed it.

The girl in violet (bottom picture) is me. :)
Thanks, Runner’s World Philippines! It made me feel good despite not running.

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