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Rexona Run 2011

My friend is part of the team who is behind the upcoming Rexona Run.

No, my friend isn’t Rio.

My friend, whom we will call Direk Geno, is a genius. Back in our college days, he was always the one who we turn to – whether in studies, poking jokes, and eating food (lots of ‘em).

After college, he ventured in film and advertising. Few years ago, he saw his Cinema One film, “UPCAT,” come into the big screen (I’m still waiting for my DVD copy, friend.) He’s now in advertising.

The last time we met for our annual mini-reunion last December 2010, he learned that I’m into running. He asked if I joined the Rexona Run 2010. I told him that it was there I did my first 5K.

He sheepishly said, “We did the media stuff.”

Media stuff meant his group thought of the running event title, colors to be used, advertisement layout, TV commercials, and yes, even the design of the singlet. All approved ideas that were presented to RunRio were brought into life.

One more envious thing: he got to meet Rio.

I felt my eyes almost popped out in surprise. Then, I smacked his shoulders.

“You didn’t tell me about that!” I said.

“Err, I didn’t know you’re into running during that time,” he said.

I totally forgot he got a higher grade in Logic than me during college, so I accepted his reason.

This year, Direk Geno and his group did it again.

His team is the one behind the orange-themed Rexona Run 2011.

In fact the video above is the TV commercial that they created for the anticipated running event. Cool eh?

To you Direk Geno: I’m not sure if I’ll be able to repeat my Rexona Run (I’m injured, huhuhu), but I want to say that I’m proud of what you have accomplished. You deserve all accolades. I’m proud to be your friend.

I also do wish you’d get to run, too.

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