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“Hi, Ann! How did you find out about my clinic?”
Those were the first words to me by none other than Doctor Jaime Galvez-Tan.

For those of you who still need further introduction, Dr. Galvez-Tan (or Doc Jimmy as he is fondly called) is a multi-awarded doctor and author. Your parents know him as the former Department of Health Secretary.

But I was not in a fabulous kind of place. I was in his very simple clinic that Thursday afternoon.
Pinch me. I’m dreaming again. This doctor’s one of the best in the country!

But wait, before you pinch me, you might be asking: another doctor?

Okay, I got a confession to make.

Being injured for over a month (and even more if we’re going to start counting by November of last year) isn’t easy. Good thing I have a blog to pour in what was going in between my neurons (and if you’re reading this, that’s another blessing).

But then, as I was enjoying this running blog (I never realized four months have passed and my fingers are just running on the keyboards!), I felt my wrists hurt a bit.

I got scared. It’s carpal tunnel syndrome.

I immediately tried looking for help. I can’t let another injury happen again. Besides, I did something wonderful this time for having a carpal tunnel syndrome. The last time I remembered getting it, I was just trying to make a million in Plants vs. Zombies.

My mother told me about the magic word: acupuncture.

And Dr. Galvez-Tan is supporting this ancient-old way of healing.

He’s so supportive, he’s even had it in one small rectangle plate on top of his clinic table (Okay, you may pinch me now).

So that’s why I went to his clinic.

Doc Jimmy doing acupuncture to a patient.

It was fun to talk to him, even if I was talking about my problem. He was very humble and very engaging to talk to.

He’s not surprised I have the carpal tunnel signs: I’m a techie (well, sort of).

He advised me to do hand exercises and put virgin coconut oil on my hands. He also told me to wear wrist splints (I need to put a liniment before putting it on) to prevent my wrists from doing unnecessary movement. I agreed to undergo acupuncture for the next visit.

One more thing: he also told me some advice about my pinched nerve at my lower back.

I readied my mind to understand some medical terms. But this was what he said: “change of lifestyle.”

Don’t believe me? Here’s his advice:

1.    If I can’t avoid sitting, I need to make sure I have a stool to put my feet on. The stool should have a height enough to make my knees higher than my waist. It lessens the pressure on the pinched nerve. (FYI: Dr. Galvez-Tan has stools – as in with “s” – in his receiving room, bedroom, dining room, even in the bathroom!)

2.    The best sleeping position is the fetal position. Again, knees are higher than waist if one does this, so the nerves are relaxed.

3.    Not accustomed to # 2? If you sleep with your back in the bed, make sure there are pillows under your knees.

4.    Alternate your legs and feet when standing. Military position (or standing straight) is not really advisable when standing up.

Well, I am proud to tell you that I’m writing this post with my feet on a stool and hands wrapped in splints.

Honestly, I still find it uncomfortable (both my hands and feet). My feet wants to go down the stool; my hands, on the other hand, either looked like I’m going to punch somebody or it came from the recent Transformers movie. I am not used to this.

But this has taught me a lesson: I have forgotten about the basics.

Most of us have become accustomed to what we have been doing.

As runners, we drink a lot of energy drinks.

We eat the latest energy gels.

We always want to have a feel of the latest shoe. Or the latest compression tights that promised to make you go faster.

We want to break a PR every week.

But we forget our run.

We even forget why we run.

So even if I am not used to this change of lifestyle, I’m going to do this.

Because I want to be healed.

I want to continue to write.

I want to never forget the reasons why I run.

NOTE: To answer the question of Doc Jimmy, I told him that my parents are listening to his radio show every day. And I have to admit, I have been a fan, too. With that, he greeted us the next day on his show. Thanks, Doc Jimmy! It was pleasure meeting you! See you soon!

Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan’s “Doctor’s Orders” radio show airs from Monday to Saturday, 7:30 AM – 8:30 AM at DWWW 774.

Dr. Jaime Galvez-Tan’s clinic is located at the Room 208, Family Medicine Clinic, Medical Arts Building, The Philippine General Hospital, Manila. It’s open every Mondays and Thursdays from 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM. You may call 708-0000 local 160 for an appointment.

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  1. Hm po kaya yung doctors fee niya for initial check up po?