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“Let’s have three more therapy sessions.”

I will have to do more lying in the rehab bed than what I expected...

That’s what Dr. Sarmiento said after I underwent three therapy sessions for my pinched nerve.

I was kind of expecting it because despite the big improvement on my condition (I only feel pins and needles on my left lower back now, compared to previous weeks where pain goes down up to both feet). But I was also kind of hoping that my therapy would end.

Nevertheless, I chose a date on the calendar for my fourth session.

I have embraced the fact that I am not that well – yet.

But as I go on my new series of treatment, I am going to embrace a brand new wellness.

Wellness that will make me run again.

So as I brace myself for three more meetings with the rehab bed, I will begin envisioning myself going back to running slowly (of course, I’ll start walking first).

Let's begin.

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