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Diagnosis: Lumbo-sacral radicolopathy. Eng?

“In layman’s terms, it’s a pinched nerve,” Dr. Sarmiento said. (Upon Internet research, it could also be spelled as Lumbosacral radiculopathy - PeñaRUNzi)

Thank heavens for simple terms for the complicated things in life.

After three weeks, I was back in Dr. Sarmiento’s clinic (located located at Room 606, 2301 Civic Place, Civic Drive, Filinvest, Alabang, in front of Asian Hospital and Medical Center. Telephone number: 659-0550). After some story details, questions and explanations, the smoke has cleared. 

There was only one thing to do: three sessions of therapy.

As I was going to the HMO office to have my therapy sessions approved, I told myself: sure, therapy again. This will be the third time I’ll be doing this since I started running. I have 3K and 5K runs under my belt. Hah! Who’s game? 

I don’t know. Even if I know that I’ll be healed after this (I just know I will), I still felt gloomy. 

You see, I stopped running again. And with this diagnosis, it means not running still. 

And I don’t know until when.

Anyway, I might have missed (and will still be missing) a lot of running time, I’ll just enjoy every healing time that I will have.

I will wait until I’m discharged – and I am positively sure that that’s going to happen in a few weeks. 

No need of complicated or layman’s term.

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