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Running for Robredo


(Note: I wrote this blog post a few hours before the cremation of Philippine's Department and Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo.)

I do not know the guy personally (honestly, majority of the Filipinos only knew about him and his accomplishments when he died from a plane crash last week). I think the only connections that I could have with him (if it can be considered) were my father and St. John Baptist de la Salle. Though born in Camarines Sur, my father grew up in Naga. His service to his relatives and Jesuit priests led him to getting a degree in Ateneo de Naga, where, years later, Robredo will get his secondary education. On the other hand, St. John Baptist de la Salle, is the founder of De La Salle University, were Robredo spent his tertiary years. Years later, it was my time.

Yet, just like any Filipino right now, I feel the loss. I now realized that my country lost a good, no, a great man. Robredo was a servant of others; he would always think of what would be better for his people before serving himself. He was so unpretentious; he would go out riding a bicycle without guards (an unusual sight for a Philippine government official). Most of all, a family man, who always look forward to weekends so his family could have him on their own 100% of the time.

On Saturday, I am scheduled to run the Civil Service Commission’s Fun Run for a Cause II with my office mates. I have been thinking of foregoing the event, as the rains never allowed me to train well for 5K course of the run. But then, I thought, why not dedicate the run for the man? Anyway, the fun run is an opening activity for the month-long celebration of Civil Service. Robredo was undoubtedly a 100% proof of a great civil servant.

So I really pondered on the thought, why not go running for Robredo?

So here I am. I know I am not 100% trained (I got a minor problem with my right foot two weeks ago. The muscles in my right foot ached while walking. It has improved since last week, which is good news. But then, I just started my morning walking sessions this week.). Nevertheless, I am focused on one goal: dedicating my run (or walk the whole time) for a true civil servant.

But what is there to fret, anyway? Sure he was a loss. But I think there are already Robredos around. It’s just that like him, they are not show-offs. Who knows, they might be joining me in the run.

And they are running for Robredo, too.

CSC's R.A.C.E. to Serve Fun Run II is on 8 September 2012. Check out the details here.

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