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Get Moving!

Tadaaahhh! If this will not push me to do my runs, then I don't know what else.

I was so proud of my accomplishment on the first day of September: I made a collage of few pictures and posted them in front of my room table.

I know, I am so traditional, cutting and pasting and posting something that may look like an output of a grade one. Some of you may have been shouting, "You have a Pinterest!"

Honestly, I don't see my Pinterest boards every minute. Moreover, I am not for the look of my work of art. I am for it's warning: GET MOVING.

Get moving towards taking one step at a time - literally.

Get moving towards taking action of my dreams.

Get moving towards better health.

And so, I am proud of my work of art.

But I look forward to what my work of art will do to push me to my limits.

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