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5 strategies to becoming a better runner

While running is a relatively simple sport, requiring little more than a pair of running shoes, it takes both practice and dedication to get right. If Olympic fever has you dusting off your running shoes, here are a few strategies to hone your skills, as per fitness blog FitSugar this week.

1. Be consistent: If you're just getting back into running after a break or are hoping to ramp up your routine, be sure to stay consistent to build up your conditioning. One way to stay on track is to sign up for a race and start a dedicated training program.

2. Learn proper form: While it takes a little time to find your flow, running with a misaligned form not only eats up energy you could use to tack on distance but can increase your risk of injury. Try to keep your head stacked over your spine, relax the shoulders, and engage your abs. Watch:

3. Dress properly: You won't need to spend a lot of money, but a good pair of shoes can make "the difference between feeling sluggish and being light on your feet, and it can also help prevent injuries," writes FitSugar. Not sure what kind of shoe is best for you?
For sport bra tips, watch:

4. Fuel right: A few hours before your run, eat a small snack containing carbs and protein for sustained energy. But if you skipped your snack and need a quick fix before heading out, grab something with easily digestible carbs, such as a slice of white bread.

5. Vary your running surfaces: To become a better runner, you'll need to mix up your surfaces -- from treadmill to sidewalk to sand. Running outside rather than on a treadmill also strengthens your muscles to help increase speed and endurance, writes FitSugar. Also, add some high-intensity intervals, such as sprints and hill training, into your program.

Five strategies to becoming a better runner


Simple yet very helpful strategies for running!

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