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Rexona Run 2012: undoubtedly my best run ever!

Me and the Rexona ball in my hands!

I have been running for the past two years, but I have never been so glad about Rexona Run 2012.

Well, all the elements of Runrio events are there: booths, entertainment, big tents for baggages, finishers' kits, and finishers' shirts (for 21K), many water stations, great security, many portalets, and Rio himself doing his rounds on a bike (I couldn't keep my eyes off from his flowing Afro hair).

I was glad about myself.

For the first time since I started running, I had the following:

1. I had 7 hours of sleep the night before the race. It was the first time it happened. Before, I was so stressed out counting the remaining hours of my sleep.

2. I arrived in the venue way very early for the gun start. I used to arrive 15 minutes to gun start (worse, I was late). I was able to check out the booths and had my photo booth picture with my brother (he came with me to try if he would see some celebrities).

I think I surpassed myself by arriving early! Hooray!

Stretching it out before the gun start!

3. I experienced (and savored) my 5K warm up! Stretching, jog in place, knee high, butt kicks - name it, I got to do it!

4. I got to see runner friends after crossing the finish line. I know it was impossible to see my friends in a big running event. But I guess it was meant for us to cross paths.

Nice to see Vinny Tongson of Team Century Tuna. He was my classmate in Education Units (and he's my future marathon coach - I told him that!)

The idea of Outrun, Defy, and Surpass Yourself from this guy and his team - and he happened to be my college classmate/friend. Glad to know Roman Carlo Olivarez is now running, too!

5. I envisioned myself enjoying my run. No rushing on creating records. I have learned my lessons on the past two runs. And enjoyed the run I did!

I may not have defied myself in cutting my 5K record, but Rexona Run 2012 is undoubtedly my best run ever!

All photos courtesy of Marc Raphael A. Peñaredondo

I did not realize that Rexona Run 2012's blue theme will match my brace rubbers. What a coincidence!

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