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CSC R.A.C.E. to Serve Fun Run II - September 8, 2012

R.A.C.E. to Serve II brought together runners from the government service.

This race has its fair share of pros and cons, but what surprised me was that I got to beat my personal record! Well, more on this later.


1. The staff in-charge of baggage had a hard time getting our bags since their only vehicle (an L300 pick up) was already filled with bags. But they were reassuring that another vehicle is coming to get our bags. Also, they made sure that some participants get to have straw ropes for us to tie our baggage stuff to our bags. By the finish line, the baggage staff were very strict in giving bags. They were only few but it seemed like they worked as if they were many. Kudos to those guys!

2. Visible ambulances. We saw them almost every kilometer.

3. The people giving away certificates of participation. And there's a lot of certificates for everybody!

Thank goodness I got to finally pass the 1.5K mark. I saw the road with less runners! Here I go!


1. Cars were parked beside the starting line, also along the road in front of The Manila Hotel! There was even one car who was almost allowed to go inside the running area, a few meters from the finish line!

2. I only saw ONE water station along Roxas Boulevard, a few meters before the turnaround for the 3K run. I can't speak for the 10K route since I ran 5K. I do hope there were water stations available there.

3. Some 3K runners went to the other side of the road to run, because the people in front of them kept on walking. This happened in front of the United States Embassy. Policemen guarding the area just looked at what had happened. Since the policemen did not do anything, I also followed the runners. I know it's bad. I learned a lesson right there: do not join the 3K gun start when you're late.

Despite and in spite of all of these, I was surprised to see that I managed to finish my 5K in 46 minutes. I had a good feeling I'm topping my current record when I crossed the 1.5K mark. Unfortunately, I got too excited in finishing my run faster that I felt tired along the way. My lungs and legs felt heavy, I would have opened myself and take out my lungs and muscles if I could. I also felt my right knee aching along the way, so I walked for a few minutes. I finally finished the race with an unofficial time of 46:33.

Honestly, I was glad the race was over but I was not really happy with how I performed.

Oh well, life has its share of pros and cons.

All smiles even if the right knee's aching!

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