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Two shocking facts about how I got punkd – big time.

For us runners, March 6 was the date of Run United 1, the first of the Runrio Trilogy.

But a week before the race, I was diagnosed with acute rhinitis. The EENT did not allow me to run, as I was having vertigo as well.

But I was not worried or sad; I gave my 5k bib number one of my friends (let’s call her Future Mrs. Michigan Runner because, well, she’ll be THE future of Michigan Runner) the week before the race.

So as I was having wonderful time in the OWWA Repatriation Center last March 6 (I was part of the assigned members that day that will guide our fellow OFWs who arrived from Libya), I was not bothered at all: Future Mrs. Michigan Runner was running my race.

Guess what? Three days after the run, I learned that Michigan Runner – not Future Mrs. - did my 5k.
It was weird. Well, my friend is in Michigan (that’s why I called him, you guessed it, Michigan Runner); how in the world will he get to do Run United 1?

First fact: I was placed under the 5k MALE category. This didn’t really occur to me as I was really just looking at the recorded data posted in the Unilab Active Health website. 27:31 for a 5k! Wow, I told myself, Future Mrs. Michigan Runner (I thought) is really good – way better than me (that’s my time for 3k).

Here's my Run United 1 race result. The highlight in red shows that I was placed in the Male Category for 5K. (

Second fact: There was a picture of a tall guy wearing my bib number in my race profile. I started to wonder if my eyes were making fun of me. I could not clearly see the face because the label of the sponsor covered it. Also, since there was a notice in the website that “not all pictures may have been uploaded yet,” I dismissed my curiosity and logged out from the site.

I was already wondering who this guy was. He's wearing my bib number... Punkd!

What’s funnier was those were already obvious facts; and my naked eye (and my low sense of logic) did not see them.

I’m now imagining the two rolling on the floor laughing.

But it’s okay. After having a headache, one thing made sense: I’m happy because they’re together again. They’ll run more races and beat PRs together.

And probably, more head banging pranks.

Nice one, Michigan Runner.

Welcome back.

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