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This was my first running shoes.

The brand is Avia.

I bought this right after our new President took his oath.

I bought it weeks before my first 3K run.

I have read somewhere that it is necessary for a runner to test shoes weeks before a run to prevent injuries.

I have used (and abused) this pair up to my running clinic last January. So I could say that it’s been a cool companion as I started my journey in running (literally).

As I wore them, I feel I was a different person.

I am a person who can do anything.

I can go farther than yesterday. And further the next day.

Unfortunately, upon subjecting myself to a foot scan and gait analysis (both in Runnr and A Runner’s Circle), I found out that my Avia is actually a motion control shoe. It does not address the needs of my feet, which is stability. I found out my right foot overpronates.

That explained the pain at my right foot that I experience every time I am done running.

So I had to say good bye to my Avia.

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