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The truth about NOT running

I miss running.

Case in point: The sights of people in CCP up to Baywalk doing their morning runs every day make me cringe.

The last time I joined a race was last November 2010.

I got sidelined because of a lower back pain injury.

I recovered instantly because it was diagnosed before it was too late. I underwent therapy sessions and rested well (and ate well, I guess. What can I do, it’s December?).

2011 came and I was as excited as a kid who saw Santa Claus. New Year means more miles to cover.
A possible race every month and finishing a 10K by second half of the year? Looks promising to me.

I signed up for a running clinic in January to prepare myself for better running days. I even traveled to the unknown territory of Dasmariñas Village in Makati City just to learn from Olympian Jeff Galloway.

Imagine me pumped up – full of enthusiasm and vigor – ready to be unleashed. I’m good to go!

But as soon as I signed up for my first back-to-back runs, I started feeling dizzy.

The EENT discovered the painful truth: I have acute rhinitis that triggered vertigo.

I was advised NOT to run.

I did not make a fuss about it anymore. Above all, I value safety. I don’t think I would get to do jubilation if I continued running and got injured because I thought everyone was spinning except for me.

But I’m going to admit that I got frustrated. All I wanted is to get back to running. How come every time I am about to enter the starting line, something is pulling my leg?

I am a woman trying to be healthy – I have not violated any running rules and I have not done anything bad during a race. Why are the running gods not giving me a nod to dash?

So here I am, about to finish another blog post. I am reminding myself every day that the moment I’m really fully recovered, I’m going to start my 30-minute walk-run.

I still do envy the people CCP up to Baywalk doing their morning runs every day.

But I’ll get to join them soon. I know.

Why, running taught me to wait patiently.

It won’t be long for my turn to cross the finish line.

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