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The day I finally said YES

Just like how I got my name PeñaRUNzi, the story of how I finally managed to say “yes” to join a run also wasn’t grand.

Nope, it was not like Mr. Right had finally popped the 'will-you-be-my-tax-exemption?' question to me, and with teary eyes, I said “Yes!”

No, not really.

I said yes to running, thanks to the Queen of the Road - and her King.

Queen of the Road is a nurse and a former colleague at work. We shared happy lunches together with our other co-workers, but she never really told us formally about running. She would occasionally mention about it if I see some sports magazines (the King of the Road owns them that’s why I couldn’t get it), and sometimes, she would encouraged us to try it.

One holiday, we were set to meet for lunch together with our other friends. I was already in their car. As we were waiting for another friend, King and Queen of the Road talked about how one of our friends got hooked into running.

“Why don’t you run as well, PeñaRUNzi?” Queen of the Road asked.

“I’m already walking for forty-five minutes. I have just injected running recently. I don’t think I can manage to finish even a 3K,” I said.

“But it’s okay to walk in a fun run,” said the Queen of the Road.

My mind went blank. Walking in a fun run? Why was it called a fun run in the first place?

“It’s REALLY okay to walk?” I hesitantly said.

“Yes, I do that if I’m tired.”

“You DO?”

“Come on and join. There’s a fun run in Alabang in a month’s time. If you’re scared, try a 3K first. You’ll enjoy it,” she said.

The King of the Road, on the other hand, was just smiling and nodding. He was enjoying my about-to-be conversion.

I love this scenario: the King and Queen of the Road were about to give something to their humble subject.

Then I said, “Okay, okay - yes. I’m joining. You’re sure I can walk, eh?”

And that was the day I finally said yes.

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