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I was thinking of creating a blog about my new passion.

You see, my new passion is running. All I think about now is running. Even my fingers only know R-U-N - related words.

But I was hesitant. Why another blog? I already have one, I have started to post running experiences there.

Why another RUNNING blog? There are a lot of them in the Internet.

But then, I thought, why suppress telling the world about something that you love? Isn't it that when you think about what you want, the world conspires you to do it?

And why bother about being another running blog? Do I want to compete with others? I don't think so. Just like in the runs that I joined, I do not aim to win. I aim to finish.

So I think I will just have to let go of my hesitations and make a blog about my new passion - running.

And I just did.

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