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Presenting my new blog feature: RUN THIS WAY

Easter means new beginnings, too! Wait for this blog's new feature in a few days!  (

Happy Easter, runners!

This year, we experienced a 5-day holiday. Were you able to do your runs? Me, I did my simple walk-runs for 4 out of 5 days! More this soon.

Since Easter also means new beginnings, I thought of introducing something new in my blog. As a beginning runner, I thought of featuring runners who have conquered their worries, problems, and maybe a few injuries, all for the love of one passion: RUNNING.

But here's the thing: the runners that are to be featured here will not be the famous ones. I will be featuring simple people with greatest running aspirations.

Let me explain this further.

It’s not that I don’t like famous runners. I aspire to be like them someday, too. Given the chance, I would grab the opportunity to get a piece of a famous runner’s mind. But then, they already covered miles and miles in running. For beginning runners, they are already in the pedestal – someone who’s out of reach (I’m talking of the miles, not the attitude). And sometimes, if beginning runners find out how great these famous runners are, they tend to step back and begin to doubt themselves (I know that feeling because, hey, I am so like you – a beginning runner). 

When on the case of simple people, well, they could be people who could just be in your neighborhood (“Oh, he’s the one I see every day, running like crazy!”), or your officemate, or someone you may remember to have brushed shoulders with you or gave you your finisher’s kit after a running. For a beginning runner, if that person can do it, so can he/she.

There would be no hard questions; just simple thoughts on running. Because they are simple people.

This new blog feature will be called RUN THIS WAY.

Catch the first one soon!


  1. newbie din po in running :) looking forward in reading more of your blogs :)

    1. Hi redqueenAbby! Thanks a lot. Glad to know you've been bitten by the running bug, too. Running world, make way for the red queen! :)