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My BGC run for Earth Run 2012: A series of firsts!

BGC roads conquered! Thanks to Earth Run 2012!

At long last, I have crossed Bonifacio Global City as a dream running venue. Thanks to the Earth Run 2012! Here's a rundown of the series of firsts!

One: After a series of communication, my friend, Lester Leyva (who works for ETC Channel and I decided to meet so that I could get my Earth Run 2012 race pack. Well, what can I say? My Earth Run 2012 race pack was especially delivered. This is FIRST ONE because 1) this was our first meeting in one year and four months and I tell you, the time was not enough for the catch-up stories and 2) it was the first time my race pack was "special de abot." Thanks, Lester!

Two: It's my first time to go to BGC for a very early morning run! Since my running buddies will run 21K, I decided to go on my own to BGC.  Honestly, I know my way to BGC, but my early morning trip included concerns on accessible vehicles from Ayala to BGC's 28th Street and riding the taxi alone. My mother was to the rescue to accompany me. Super thanks, mom!

Three: As soon as I saw people with the same Earth Run 2012 singlet as mine, I knew I was on the right location. After going to the registration to give my form and doing stretching, I made my way to the starting line along with hundreds of 3K runners. BGC, at long last! I'm going to run on your roads!

No less than Solar Entertainment's Wilson Tieng sounded the 3K start alarm. The Earth Run event started on time, so the 3K schedule of 5:05 am was followed.

Me after seconds after the gun start of Earth Run 2012's 3K event.

Four:  It was my first time to run in BGC! It was like BGC roads welcomed me. I sent an SMS to Lester while I was on a walking break (he replied that I'm texting while running! Haha!) It was cool to run in a different venue. I hope to familiarize myself with the surroundings the next time because for now, I only know the Bonifacio High Street area.

Five: It was my first time to run at 5:00 am! Usually, this time is for 16K or even 21K starts. It was good because it's summer; I started the run with no sun and ended the run before the sun rose. Awesome!

Moreso, the Earth Run 2012 event was properly organized. Their dri-fit singlet and time chip are cool, tents were properly labeled, great water station locations, nice giveaways, and there were a lot of Earth Run 2012 crew along the way. Kudos to AdEvents Manila and Solar Entertainment!

Six: It's still unofficial, but my Timex said I ran my 3K in 26 minutes, two minutes earlier than my Rain4Africa time last October 2011. Whoopee!

Kudos to everyone behind Earth Run 2012!

Seven: Well, it's my first 3K (and first joined event) of the year!

My very special thanks to Lester Leyva and Ms. Obando for making my first run in BGC (through the Earth Run 2012) happen.

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