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Hyundai Run for a Cause Advisory - and oh, Happy Earth Day, too!

Hyundai Run for a Cause happens a week from now! Not registered? You may still go to their website to take a survey and support your cause!

Happy Sunday! And oh, Happy Earth Day, too!

I was about to prepare to get my Hyundai Run for a Cause race pack when my woman's intuition whispered, "check your e-mails." I was planning to do that after I come home from getting my race pack, but since I got time, I opened my computer and typed in my e-mails' password.

And lo! I saw an advisory from Hyundai:

"For those who haven't claimed their race packs yet, you can claim them starting on MONDAY (APRIL 23) until WEDNESDAY (APRIL 25), since we are replenishing singlets as of the moment. Additional race packs will be delivered on Monday."

The said message was also posted in their Facebook page.

Glad I heeded to my intuition. At least I did Mother Earth a favor by lessening my carbon footprint today.

Oh by the way, did you run today?


Happy Earth Day!

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