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Renowned Runner's Christmas Wish Lists

It's still the holidays. But what is surprising is that famous from around the world still do have holiday lists (I thought they're okay with winning and beating their PRs). You may check their lists (and see if you have the same wishes) here.

I may not be a renowned runner, but here's my Christmas Wish List:

1. Another pair of running shoes
2. A visit to the new Runnr store in Alabang Town Center (woopee!)
3. iPod classic
4. CW-X Conditioning Stabilyx Tights
5. Nathan Reflective Belt
6. Another whole year subscription of Runner's World Philippines
7. A 10-K run in 2012 (it will happen!)
8. A Road ID (I got this! Yehey!)
9. Attendance to Chi Running workshop
10. Injury-free year!

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