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2012 - It's all about never ceasing to DREAM (and to RUN!)

I got one of these gifts last Christmas. It's not a tech dry shirt, but the message will serve as an inspiration that hey, I'm about to be given 365 days to go for my dreams!

I decided to post it because it I'm hoping that like me, it will give hope to every one who has loved running:

This 2012, RUN for your dreams! :)

For those who have ran many races this 2011, may you find time to give back to the sport in any good way possible.

For those who got injured during the year (just like me), here's to wishing you dump all your regrets and instead 1) learn from the experience and 2) look forward to your healing!

For those who are thinking of giving a running a try, may 2012 be the year that you will say "I started running and since then, I was not the same!"

Happy New Year!

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