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My Rain 4 Africa Time

I saw this on my e-mail days after the run. Well, thank you, too!

Here is the official time during the Rain 4 Africa Run. Okay, if you are someone who no longer run 3Ks, I know you will laugh out loud with my time.

Ok, honestly, I'm hearing you really laugh out loud. :D

But like I said, I wasn't for the time. I was happy to have joined because it meant that I'm back (now can I do the laugh?)

I planned to join a run last December 4. But I realized that with the many events, I decided to stay at home. I think it was somehow a blessing because it rained all day (I hope the December 4 runners - whichever race you joined - will not get colds!)

Cheers to more personal records, beating them, or who cares?

Happy running!

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