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My Road ID

Got my Road Id parcel - finally!

Merry Christmas, runners!

Last month, I decided to buy myself a Road ID bracelet. I have been contemplating on buying this product for almost the whole year. Thanks to the December bonuses (ehem), I finally got to devote time to purchase my Road ID.

The Road ID was created by the team of Wimmer father and son. The father’s (Mike) bright idea of having an immediate identification for a bearer started when Edward (the son) was almost hit by a truck as he was preparing for a marathon years ago.

It was like Santa came alive again when I got a parcel notice from the local post office. It really came on time. It took me a few days to get it from the post and finally ripped the package with my own hands. Geesh, when I saw pictures of the star athletes who have Road ID bracelet, I felt I’m one of them!

Here it is!

Road ID has helped many triathletes from all over. Having one does not mean one is attracting accidents. A Road ID is just making sure that he or she is properly aided in case the inevitable happens.

Road ID has a reflective strap. It is also available in bright colors. Moreover, they offer other products aside from the bracelet.

I'm good to go! :)

Road ID is the best Christmas gift for your friends, whether they are runners or not (I’m planning to purchase one for my dad who, at 74, still loves to go out to do errands every now and then). I checked my package and they are giving me $ 1.00 off on my next purchase! Cool!

Go have your own Road ID and have peace of mind. You may check it out at

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