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My Pre-Christmas Walk

I got sick again this time of the year. Sheesh, just when I was planning to start logging miles again after the Rain4Africa (and fight the urge to stay in bed this cold month), I started to sniff.

A few days ago, the doctor said I got acute respiratory tract infection (we Muggles call it colds). I had to rest two to three days to be better. Oh well, goodbye cold morning runs.

I surrendered to the fact that I needed to rest. Aside from I really wanting to get rid of colds (we’re not really the best of friends), I am to supervise an activity in our parish. Oh well, hello bed.

But despite this unplanned sickness, I am still grateful. The same time last year, I couldn’t even get up from the bed due to the fantastic combination of cough, colds (it likes me), and dehydration. Aside from ending up in an emergency room for the third, I also had tons of medicines to swallow, and an aching body due to almost unending bed rests (if not for the Christmas Mass I had to attend, I would not be going out of the bed.

With that in mind, I really surrendered to the fact that I needed to rest.

But two days before Christmas, I came up with a bright idea. I may not do full morning runs this month, but I can do walking. And since our church activity scheduled a practice on the morning of December 24, I decided to do something different: a walk from my house to the church.

So on the cold morning of December 24, wearing a jacket and tech dry running pants; I packed an energy bar and a bottle of water and placed them on my race belt bag. I laced up and after some few of minutes of stretching, I started my pre-Christmas walk.

What I have prayed for the night before came true: there were fewer vehicles, yet more lights and few visible people along the way. I am confident that I am seen from a few meters – my cap, running shoes, and Road ID bracelet have reflectors. But what I did not expect was the cold breeze. If not for my eyeglasses and running cap, the wind would have directly gone into my eyes. But I managed.

In the few meters that I walked (the church is not that far from where I live), there was only one man who also started his pre-Christmas walk.

After ten minutes, I made it to our parish church – smiling and more grateful.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to do another one before the year ends (I need to be fully well first!) But one thing’s for sure: that walk made me feel better.

May this season bring us runners not only on Christmas wishes, but the courage to log in more miles in spite the call of the Noche Buena tables everywhere (especially true in the Philippines).

Merry Christmas!

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