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Breaking Dawn

Rain4Africa Run was a blast!

I was riding the jeepney at 5:30 AM yesterday. I was with my brother, who tagged along to do his first-ever sports shots with his new Nikon DLSR.

I saw the horizon for afar – its breaking dawn.

I was excited, at the same time, agitated.

Why not? It’s my first run after being sidelined for a year!

Yes, yes, yes! I made it! Woohoo!

I crossed my comeback run at the 3K category of Rain4Africa Run in Alabang yesterday, November 13, 2011.

The comeback run that was a distant idea before (see the reasons why here and here) was realized.

Nope, there were no red carpets or media frenzy.

No paparazzi, too.

No cheers from raving fans.

Just the good ‘ol breaking dawn that welcomed me back.

It was as if telling me, “Welcome back, Runner. By the way, they just took off.”

They what?!?!

Yes, yes, yes. Very impolite I may say, but I came late for my own comeback run.


Comeback run after a year - and I was late! Hahaha!

Blame the waiting time that me and my brother had to do to wait for a jeep to bring us to the venue (now I REALLY need to purchase myself a Subaru for the meantime. Ferraris take time to be delivered.).

By the time we got to the venue, the 3K runners started their race.

But that did not let me down. I just hurriedly looked for the registration booth, got my race kit, pinned my bib number, positioned myself to the starting line, and took off.

Oh the running and walking that I did! I truly missed it!

I was on my third minute when my brother sent me an SMS, “You’re the earliest latecomer.” He told me later on that a lot arrived and started the race later than me.

As this was my first time to run after being sidelined, I never cared about my record. I just enjoyed the running and walking and everything around me. I REALLY MISSED IT.

During the run, I felt that something is pinched on my lower right back (uh-oh). I decided to walk it out, then run slowly again. I never felt it since, even after I finished my run.

My concern was my right knee, which started to ache again last week. I sadly realized the known fact: my New Balance shoes might have caused the slight pain (it was the shoe that I wore when I did a 5K last April during a running clinic. My knee hurt the day after.) So I wore my good ‘ol Avia shoes (it suddenly came back from retirement). It’s also not the best and correct pair of shoes for me, but I no choice for now. Thank God I did not feel any knee pain! The next assignment for me is to look for another pair of running shoes.

And so I walked and ran, walked and ran, walked and ran. I remembered I swiftly ran past a beauty queen (more on this next post), then I saw myself reaching the finish line (I almost ran all the way to the 10K line; good thing a friendly marshall was there).

WOOOHHOOOO! I made it!

There were still no red carpets or media frenzy when I crossed the finish line.

No paparazzi, too.

No cheers from raving fans.

This time, breaking dawn was replaced by the sun shining on me.

And it felt good.

(photos courtesy of Marc Peñaredondo)

All smiles after my 3K run. I wonder where my feet will take me next...

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