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PeñaRUNzi had Feedburner problems - but now IT'S BACK!

I feel invincible, I want to run until my feet surrenders.

It's been weeks since I noticed that my! account stopped sending my blogposts on my social networking sites.

I tried pinging my Feedburner but to no avail.

Then I found out that my blog has exceeded its limit.

I was able to repair the problem today. I feel so awesome!

But some sacrifices has to be made.

I deleted my original PeñaRUNzi Feedburner and! (sniff sniff)

Geeky peeps (I consider myself only above average) maybe would have told me that the sacrifices were not necessary. But then, it's part of learning.

To all my Feed subscribers: just click the icon at the upper right side of this blog to continue following my trails. Sorry, I had to burden you of clicking it.

I'm back!

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