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It’s Time for Africa!

I made it!

When I first saw an e-mail from the Lifeline Foundation, Inc. about Rain4Africa Run, I told myself that I will find time for it once I am 100% sure that I can already sign up for a race.

Africa really needs help now. It is currently being stricken by a worst famine in 20 years.

I have watched the news reports on NBC (shown locally by Solar’s TalkTV) months ago about the situation there. It was really disturbing.

So I thought I could forego with the singlet and heavy bag of freebies. I could help by just running.

And you know what? It was the best time comeback run for me yet.

Rain4Africa Run was presented by Lifeline Foundation, Inc. MIB organized the fun run event.

The marshalls were very friendly (the never stopped screaming “Thank you for running!”) and accommodating. Entertainment was through the awakening set of drums. The route was the same like the Run4Life 2011 last May (and the first one last July 2010, where I did my first run ever), but the runners were having too much fun to be aware of it!

Runners from the Philippine National Police Academy and Philippine Air Force (based in Pampanga) joined the event (I was having a good time to envy how fast they ran). Representatives from the United Nations World Food Programme also participated.

one of the representatives from UN WFP

participants from PNPA

To my surprise, Bb. Pilipinas 2011 and Miss Universe 2011 third-runner up Shamcey Supsup also ran the 3K (I think she did the rest of her race walking so I was able to catch up with her – and crossed the finish line earlier even if I came late)!

Yep, Ms. Supsup was there!

PeñaRUNzi and Ms. Universe 2011 3rd runner up Shamcey Supsup

Well, what can I say? It was my brother's first time to witness a fun run and look what he saw!

The runners gamely joined the trivia games that the Lifeline Foundation guys prepared, while waiting for the results of the top place finishers for the 3K, 5K, and 10K. I was surprised to be given freebies because I really thought there was none. Blessings do really come down from heaven.

What kept me smiling was that I, along with many others, finished a run for a good fight – fight against hunger. The world is abundant of resources. It is disheartening for some countries to have children and adults dying of hunger. Philippines may be considered a third world country like Africa, but with the event, we showed compassion. We can help despite our own concerns.

I was expecting to gyrate with Shakira’s World Cup 2010 theme “It’s Time for Africa” during the event. Maybe it was played when I already left (I can’t miss Manny Pacquiao’s third bout with Juan Manuel Marquez). But one thing’s for sure: Africa’s famine crisis is going to end.

Compassion and help will get them through.

Lifeline Foundation, Inc. and WFP with Ms. Supsup

So starstrucked! A Runner's Circle's Michelle Estuar was there to run, too!

The youngest participant gets his hands up in the air. Yes, sweetie, you won!
(photos courtesy of Marc Peñaredondo)

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