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Rest in Peace, Mr. Jobs.

I found out from one of my friends yesterday that Mr. Steve Jobs died.

I have never owned an Apple product until now. But I have seen all Apple's products in my every day dealing with life. I even posted on my Facebook wall last August 24, 2011 that as I was planning to buy an iPod Nano, Mr. Jobs announced his retirement.

I even enjoyed watching Pixar movies, because even if the characters are lovable for the kids, the life lessons have strucked the hearts of adults.

For me, Mr. Jobs was one of the people who defined my generation. I am honored to have lived in the time of Mr. Jobs.

With Steve Jobs' passing, the world lost another icon - a visionary who never believed in quitting. A man whose mind always thought of minimalism and innovation.

I share with your remembrance and prayers for the demise of one of the most brilliant persons God ever created.

To Mr. Steve Jobs - thank you for making Apple more than just a sweet fruit during your lifetime. Thank you for the inspiration. May you rest in peace.

My deepest condolences.

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