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I envy people who get to run during their work.

One of them is Drew Arellano, who, while waiting for his turn on his show's tapings, gets to lace up and run.

I'm adding American journalist Lisa Ling to my list of people I envy.

I got to know her thanks to Oprah's shows. But I didn't know that she also runs.

Check what she said when I got my dose of Runner''s Daily Kick in the Butt:

When you're traveling for work, you spend most of your time in cars and on highways. Were it not for the runs, I wouldn't get the same feel for the places. I've run covered up in Afghanistan, dressed as a boy. I've run at 3 a.m. in China, before a billion people have woken up. I've run in Northern Ireland through Protestant and Catholic areas. And in the Gaza Strip, I ran with a 6'3" Serbian cameraman, because my crew wouldn't let me run by myself. 

Lisa Ling, journalist

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