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"God is the God of second chances. Well, no; nth chances."

Pretty bride Rev and PeñaRUNzi

That was what I told my friend (see photo above) 37 days before her wedding.

I couldn't help but smile as I saw her walked down the aisle.

I couldn't help but wonder that some few years ago, she was struggling, fighting her way out of difficulties.

This was actually the second time I saw her walked down the aisle.

I remembered that during the first wedding, I was able to practice the run-walk-run strategy because I came from my master's degree class in UPOU. My class ended at 4 PM. I think I asked the heavens to send down angels to fly me from Los Baños to Kawit, Cavite in time for the 5 PM wedding. 

Alas, despite my efforts, I made it to the dinner (and as a "punishment," I got the bouquet from the traditional throw. Learned lesson...)

Then, her first husband lost his battle with cancer.

I realized that my friend was one of the bravest persons I've ever met. She was like a runner who, despite many injuries, tried to put up a brave front to continue the race.

When I saw her got out from her bridal car, getting ready to meet her second Mr. True Love, the first words that I uttered was "I'm not late!" (proof: I was wearing my 3-inch heels! Haha! I kinda missed wearing it.)

Indeed, God is the God of nth chances. No matter how many times we fall, He's always there to catch us.

As a runner, I do believe He even runs with us (I suspect that sometimes, He has turned down the angels' offer to do the running for Him. That's how fantastic He is!)

To you, Rev, I pray for nothing but a life full of blessings.

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