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The Truth about Vibram Five Fingers and My Feet

I admit. Days after my final therapy was... well, final - I have been thinking about my feet.

I have noticed the past few months that I really AM a heel striker. And with what happened to me (pinched nerve), I started to re-evaluate my so-called running life. I think I'd better change the way how to put my feet on the ground before it gives up on me.

Entered Vibram Five Fingers.

I am now contemplating to have a pair for myself. Maybe it would help me change the way I walk.

As I was contemplating on this, I saw this YouTube video of The Doctors Show discussing about Vibram Five Fingers.

What do you think? Should I get my pre-Christmas gift for myself?

 Let me know. ;)


  1. Consider the New Balance Minimus, since they're not ugly. However, if you need dynamic support, I do not recommend these natural foot type of shoes.

  2. Hi Anonymous! Yes, I have also seen New Balance Minimus. I think they're pretty! But I am really contemplating on buying barefoot shoes (any brand) before I purchase a pair. :)