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Healed – and happy about it

It's me again - for the sixth time. Will it be the last?

“What’s your assessment after the six sessions of therapy?” Dr. Sarmiento said minutes after concluding my sixth therapy session for my lumbosacral radiculopathy condition.

Wait a minute. Let’s rewind before moving on further with the scene.

I during the next three sessions of the therapy, I kept on telling myself that it’s taking too long for my condition to improve. Nevertheless, I continued on attending my sessions based on the schedule that I have set (except for the times when I had to go with my god sister to watch Harry Potter 7 and the crazy rains).

I have worried about my condition for many days, something that I was not used to. The last time I got this, it took me three weeks to recover, and was back on the road after a month. I even suspected that I got to the point when I doubted my existence of running in my life. Is running like a summer romance that swept me off my feet?

Geesh. I started to look at my running stuff. I was starting to wonder how to give them away without crying.

Well, I guess I’m blessed. And lucky. Or the running gods finally got Pheidippides’ plea.

I found myself improving during the last two weeks.

Fast forward to the previous scene where we left.

I told Dr. Sarmiento that I have improved during the last two weeks, and I’d like to end my therapy.
He said, “Okay. You’re HMO can answer a total of twelve sessions. Let’s keep the next six for now. You may now start getting back into running gradually. Insert it on your walks.”

Wow. It was like a bomb that exploded into my ears.

Some of runner friends got this SMS from me minutes after I was cleared.

But it was a beautiful bomb (if ever there is such).

I asked him a few more questions. He also taught me a stretching alternative to the traction machine that I used for six times (I’m going to miss that). He also assured that since he is in his clinic everyday (4:00 to 6:00 PM Mondays to Saturdays), I can always go back any time I sense something wrong.

I left the clinic a few minutes after thanking Dr. Sarmiento for the help (and for reading my blog!).

I somehow heard Pheidippides shouting “Nikki!” (Greek word for victory).

[Ramon Sarmiento Rehabilitation and PT Clinic is located at Room 606, 2301 Civic Place, Civic Drive, Filinvest, Alabang (in front of Asian Hospital and Medical Center) Telephone number: 659-0550]

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