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A new day has come

My running shoes were still sleeping when I opened its box.

“Hi, Master,” my New Balance 870 said as it tried to open its eyes.

“Hi. C’mon, it’s Sunday. We’re going out.”

“Will you take me to the church today, Master?”

“No, I heard Mass yesterday. We’re going for a walk.”

“W-we’re what, Master?”

I brought the pair outside and started to untangle its lace knots. “I said we’re going for a walk. And stop calling me Master. I’m not that old.”

 I laced up and did some warm up wearing my shoes. When I felt it wrapped my feet, I knew: it was awed with excitement. A few minutes after, I set my fifteen-minute alarm and we’re off.

“Master – oh sorry. Wow! I can’t believe this, we’re really walking! Oh, this is a nice day – no dogs around. Oh, that tree’s producing fruits again! Oh, I didn’t know that neighbor’s house was renovated. And oh, was that the car that we rode last time to your work? Oh I’d loved to ride that one again! Wait, Master! Oh sorry, I said it again…”

I just let it talked. After all, it was not the only one who’s amazed with what it was seeing. I was, too.

The fifteen minute walk got us walking for three times inside our community. I know it still talked a lot, but I never tried to interrupt it.

“Are we going to do this every day?” The pair sheepishly asked.

“No. We will do this every other day. I set the watch at fifteen minutes. That’ll be for a week. Then next Sunday, we’ll add five minutes. Hopefully we could be walking for thirty minutes by the month ends. Then we could start slow running by October.”

“R-run? W-were running again?” I wasn’t looking at my pair of shoes during the conversation, but I felt its eyes gleamed with happiness.

“Not yet. I said by next month.”

“Sorry. I’m just – I’m just surprised. The last time that we ran was last April. I just never imagined that this day would come.”

“Yeah, me too.”

My watch finally sounded its alarm. My shoes and I went inside the garage, did some cool down, and then I slowly removed them from my feet.

“How are you?” I asked.

“Never been better,” it said.

“Well, that’s it for now. I’ll let you out for a few minutes before bringing you back to your box.”

“Thanks! I can’t wait for the next!”

“Me too.”

“Is this really happening? Are we going to back to the road?” it said.

“I’m positive about that,” I said as stood up.

I felt the sun shining on my face. I closed my eyes.

A new day has come.

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