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Thank you

This is my thank you post – my way of showing appreciation to anything and everything (and everyone!) that made me healed.

Dr. Sarmiento and his staff – I admit: it took me two months to finish my fourth to sixth sessions. But he’s just so patient. As well as the staff who took care of me, namely, Cindy, Emmanuel, Aya, and the others who were not able to mention their names to me because they were also other patients to attend to. Thanks a lot!

My elastic band – I bought it a month ago because my blanket was too heavy for me to use for my MacKenzie exercises. Grazie!

Don't worry. Cap's tightly sealed. It's not gonna drip. Hehehe...

Virgin coconut oil – I was not a firm believer of alternative medicines, but when I started to put some on my back (aside from doing the exercises), I knew it got a new fan in me. Mwah!

My leggings – bought in fantastic Divisoria and Ladies’ Market in Hong Kong. Couldn’t wear anything better than these during my therapy because I could move freely. Cool!

Hhm, something's wrong with my uploading. Anyway,
just to clarify, Piolo didn't give this to me. :D

My Timex watch – another confession: my running watch has not been able to do its job, which is to time my runs. So far, all it did was to wake me up every morning. But it helped me time my exercises the past few months. I know it wishes to do the job that he was made for. I do hope so, too. Gracias!

My running friends – they always asked “when are you running?” I would sometimes wish they never asked me, because I’d get sad. But I know their concern goes beyond asking the question. Thanks, guys! Hope to see you on the road soon. Salamat!

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