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It's Olympics once again!

Faster. Higher. Stronger. So excited for the 2012 London Olympics!

I've never been this excited anticipating for the Olympics, this time to be held in London.

Well, for one, I never got to see even the opening ceremonies of 2008 Beijing Olympics because during that time, we focused on my dad who got sick.

Second, I used to see track events as BORING. Now, thanks to me being a running convert, I am anxiously waiting to see the London tracks (at least in front of our TV set) and the best of the best athletes in the world.

According to the 2012 London Olympics site, there's still a few days to go before the biggest sporting event held every four years will take place. I know that beyond the royalty and David Beckham (sorry, I can't help it) are the indomitable human spirit emerging from every life's surprises.

What's our excuse? Athlete Oscar Pistorius will run in the Olympics. (source: Runner's World PH Facebook page)

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