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Tips and More Tips from Jeff Galloway

I was happy to have received my dose of Jeff Galloway's running tips, so I'm sharing them with you. I was also surprised to learn that he got injured (!). Good thing he was able to recover after a few weeks. Maybe that's the reason why the newsletter was missing in e-mail inbox for a few weeks, too.

Here they are!

Motivational Tips
I'm a nicer person because I run:  I feel better!  Running helps to put my mind, body and spirit into balance.  This bestows a glow that I don't get from any other activity.  Because I feel better, I think better.  I want to help people, take care of my responsibilities, improve my communication and projects and enjoy my family.

Be nice to your friends, family members and yourself - get out and run.

From 100 Reasons to Run Now! by Jeff Galloway, Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd., 2012

Training Tip - Walking on Short Runs
Do I need to take walk breaks on the short runs during the week? 
If you can run continuously now on shorter midweek runs, you don't have to take the walk breaks.  If you want to take them, do so.  Walk breaks on midweek runs will ensure that you recover faster from the long ones.

From Galloway Training Programs by Jeff Galloway, Phidippides Publications, 2007

Women's Tip - Shoes
Women's shoes tend to be slightly more narrow than those for men, and the heel is usually a bit smaller.  The quality of the women's versions of major running shoe brands is equal to those of men.  But about 25% of women runners have feet that can fit better into men's shoes.  Usually the confusion comes in women who wear larger sizes.  The better running stores can help you make a choice in this area.

From Women's Complete Guide to Running by Jeff Galloway, Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd.

Training Tip - Treadmills
Treadmills are just as good as streets for short runs.
More and more runners are using treadmills for at least 50% of their runs - particularly those who have small children.  It is a fact that treadmills tend to tell you that you have gone further or faster than you really have (but usually are not off by more than 10%).  But if you run on a treadmill for the number of minutes assigned, at the effort level you are used to (no huffing and puffing), you will get close enough to the training effect you wish.  To ensure that you have run enough miles, feel free to add 10% to your assigned mileage.

Training Tip - Cross Training
My run-walk-run method has helped tens of thousands of new runners avoid injury, while enjoying the increased vitality and attitude that comes with regular running.  A growing percentage of these new runners have had such a good experience with running injury-free that they think they are immune to aches and pains.  They are wrong.  Instead of running 2 or more days in a row, many runners have eliminated injuries by cross-training every other day.

Cross-training activities
The middle ground is to run one day and cross train the next.  Cross-training simply means "alternative exercise" to running.  Your goal is to find exercises that give you the same type of boost as you receive from running, but without tiring the workhorses of running:  calf muscles, Achilles tendon, ankle, foot.

These other exercises may not deliver the same good feelings - but they can come close.  Many runners report that it may take a combination of 3 or 4 different ones in a session.  But if you don't feel exactly the same way, you'll receive the relaxation that comes from exercise, while burning calories and fat.

From Jeff Galloway's 5K/10K Running, Meyer & Meyer 

Nutrition Tip - Eating with a Purpose
* Know the calorie content and nutrient breakdwon of what you're eating (read the label or use a website like
* Concentrate on the positive:  "I can eat more of ("good-tasting fruit and crunch vegetables") rather than "I have to eat less of ______."
* Visualize the food on your plate as being in your stomach.  Ask yourself, "Do I want to stretch my stomach to cram in more food?" and "Do I need that much right now?"
* Don't have more than 3 items or "dishes" at one meal.
* Use spices to improve the taste of food.  Food that is "spicy" tends to leave you feeling more satisfied.
* Drink a glass of water (6-8 oz) before eating, and drink 4-6 oz during the meal.
* Hot fluids (tea, coffee, broth) leave you feeling fuller than cold fluids.

More tips in Jeff and Barbara Galloway's Running and Fat Burning for Women, Meyer & Meyer

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