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Five Minute Warm Up for Runners

Runnr's Twitter account (@RUNNRstore) shared this video for warm-up for runners.

Ever since my P.E. (Physical Education) class in school, warm-up has been emphasized as important before starting any sport or exercise, so I also take note of doing a warm-up when I started to run.

When I started running two years ago, I was at a loss as to what should be included in a runner's warm-up. I hope this video will help.

I hope you don't forget to do your warm-up, too! This warm-up is for five minutes. When I saw the video, I remembered our Runner's World Running Clinic last February 2012 (see the post here); some of the warm-ups shown in the video were taught to us during the running clinic. I still do them until now. It's your turn now!


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