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The Truth about Finding the Right Running Shoe

Being a woman, I know how it feels to search for the perfect pair of shoes. Most of the time, it entails going to more than three stall (especially if it's sale), trying on many many pairs, then deciding finally what to buy.

As runners, it is essential for us to pick the right shoe. It is the most important running gear, for it may spell injury if not properly checked. 

Good thing Runner's World also has an online Runner's Shoe Finder. I decided to give it a try. I answered some questions on their site:

After a few seconds, I got my details, plus the recommended brands (I never got to capture the recommended shoes, but what I love about it is that RW posts the latest models. They also mark them based on their review, like Runner's Best Buy or Runner's Best Update, or the coveted Runner's Editor's Choice.)

So before picking (and selecting and running from one stall to another) what running shoe is the best for you, try checking RW's Running Shoe Finder. Just click the link here

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