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12 Running Resolutions for 2012 Part II

I chanced upon this from Runner's World. I think this is a fantastic way to start 2012. So keep those running shoes in and check out which resolution is best for you. This series will be out one resolution at a time.

By Bob Cooper


For every video-rental store that disappears, a yoga studio opens. That doesn't mean you should swap running with pretzel poses, but spicing up your weekly routine with a dash of Om is worth considering.

"More than just stretching, yoga gives you whole-body strength, especially in the hips, core, and upper body," says Sage Rountree, Ph.D., a yoga instructor, USA Triathlon-certified coach, and author of The Athlete's Guide to Yoga. "Yoga's mental training is ideal for runners because it teaches you to be present and breathe fully even in the face of intensity."

It's possible to find yoga classes designed for athletes or runners, but you can start with any class with the terms hatha, gentle, or level 1 in the title. "In any class," Rountree says, "do what you can and rest when you must. Follow your breath, and don't push too far—just like in running. With regular practice, you'll get stronger, more flexible, and more focused, and that will extend to your running." Do yoga twice a week, preferably on nonrunning days. Find classes at a yoga studio, health club, YMCA, or community center.


This is the year I will...

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