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12 Running Resolutions for 2012 - Part X

By Bob Cooper

TENTH RESOLUTION: Give Back To The Sport

Running has given you so much, but have you reciprocated? There are countless ways to give back.

The easiest way is to volunteer at a race, where you'll earn the gratitude of race organizers and participants alike.

"I got such a rush handing out water and cheering on runners the first time that now I volunteer often," says Houston's Jay Sonnenburg, who helps at about four races per year and runs twice that many. "It's all about supporting other runners and the groups that provide support when I'm racing." He's also helped with race setup, bag drops, course turns, and registration.

If you prefer to think big, you can raise funds for trail maintenance at the park where you run, lobby for a shower at your workplace so you can get serious about lunch runs, or launch a new race that raises money for a favorite charity. If your time is limited, pick up litter on a local path, offer to assist the track coach at your child's school, or encourage friends to try running. Some of this will require that you "sell" running, but with all its benefits, there is no easier sales gig.


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