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A Runner's Summer Retail Therapy

Geesh. I just realized a few days ago that my last run was a 5K in PhilHealth Run. That means I have not been running for almost a month!

I couldn't believe what I just realized. I asked myself why. I had to backtrack my days. I had three sets of two-day training sessions for the ISO certification preparation in my work. I also searched Google far and wide to find the best theory for my master's degree research. Wow, those activities made me sit (and eat) all the time!

I need inspiration, something to push myself to go out. I need to greet summer!

Good thing I saw this in my e-mail inbox:

Sale are also a girl's best friend. :)

I immediately told my mom about the garage sale of Toby's Sports and so she accompanied me.

It was new route for us, but we found our way in the Quorum Group Centre with ease. My mom and I arrived in the Toby's Sports Garage Sale thirty minutes after opening. And boy, it was a garale sale! Name it: apparel, shoes, tennis racquets, skateboards, volleyballs and basketballs, treadmills, aarrghh! I wanted to go crazy, but then I got my list of what I need to buy.

Here were the running stuff that I got myself:

Xtenex shoe lace, Moving Comfort sports bras, 2XU compression tights, 2 running shorts, and a Runnr shirt - all with discounts!

I was kind of disappointed for not being able to buy new pairs of running socks (sizes are large to extra large, which are too big for me) and hydration belt. Maybe that's for the next retail therapy session in a Runnr store somewhere in the metro.

But for now, the retail therapy has rejuvenated me.

Now I'm more inspired to start my second 10K training. Summer, here I come!

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