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Skyway Sunday

Courage, pace me.

Running in the Skyway have always lingered in my mind since I started running three years ago. The only time Skyway is open to humans (not in their car seat) happens only once a year, so why not grab the chance? Moreover, who would not want to run in the sky?

So in the middle of everything busyness last Christmas, I clicked on the 6K slot of the 2013 Condura Skyway Marathon website. I thought it was about time to experience running in the sky.

Two weeks before the 2013 Condura Skyway Marathon, I ran my first 10K. I thought I would only get to rest for three days. But then, it seems that I got too much running for a day (naumay in local term), I extended my rest for a week! A Zumba workout and 20-minute Thursday run last week made my running mojo back.

As always, I planned to finish the race safe and lucid. Although my 6K run in the 2013 Condura Skyway Marathon is lesser than my 10K run two weeks ago, I never took it less seriously. After all, running the Skyway is like running a hill.

I was just feeling great as I stepped on towards the Skyway for my 6K run. I never really pass this way every day, but I appreciated its beauty. The road is very flat on the 6K route. It could be one of those runs that you think that you're not in the sky - until you realized that the billboards nearer and the buildings are half its usual size.

To the Skyway, we charge!

The view from the sky.

I took this a few minutes before going to the 6K turn around.
Geesh, I need to pay the toll for the second time. :D

Being a part of the premier marathon event in the country, the Condura Skyway Marathon, was a great experience. The Condura Marathon village was very organized. Portalets were available in many areas (even in the Skyway!), many race officials and were ready to help especially in the Skyway, and water stations were at every 1.5 KM.

The smile of the Skyway conqueror. :)

What makes me feel better are the beneficiaries of my 6K run: Liter of Light, Bikes for the Philippines, I Can Serve Foundation, and Hero Foundation. Plus, I got 3 mangroves to be planted in Zamboanga Sibugay!

Finally, I can officially brag: I ran on the Skyway!

Me and my brother (who took all of my amazing photos today).
Thanks for waking up early, bro!

The Skyway Angels. So happy to see friends Dra. Madel Bugaoan  (center) and Brigette Javier  (right) .
They  ran 10K  today. Congrats!

Geesh, nobody told me the medal was not edible (LOL).

(Photos except in the Skyway were taken by Marc Raphael A. Peñaredondo.)

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