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10K: Conquered!

"Right there, immortality! Take it, it's yours!" I remember Brad Pitt saying that in the movie Troy, as I made my way to the starting line.

After all the jitters and excitement, I MADE IT! 

But I'm jumping into what happened, right?

My mom and I were on our way to Aseana Blvd. by 4:30 AM today for my first 10K run at the 7-11 Run 800. Before we reached the Coastal Tollway, we saw the a Kenyan runner making his way for his 21K (I wondered if he paid a toll. Nah, just kidding). Followed closely by two more Kenyans. I had to remember that I need to close my mouth from a slight shock. My calculations that the first Kenyan runner will finish as soon as I started came true. They're just amazing.

Kikay Runner did the warm up for my 10K Advanced Wave. At 5:40 AM, we're off.

Running pass off the 5K mark was like freedom from the comfort zone. This was the first time that I never turned around on that mark.

Passing my way to the 5K U-turn. Not for me, this time. :)

On my way to Cavitex!

"Hark, daughters of the great Saint Paul!" I couldn't believe I'm looking at my high school alma mater at this view -  and I'm not in a vehicle!

I have traveled coastal road every day when I was in high school, then now since 2010 to and from my work in Manila. It was a great experience to run-walk in it.

Coastal Tollway 1K ahead!

Uh, wait a minute, these are way too far... :D

Coastal Tollway behind me. Another 5K to go!

I did walking most of the time, but I also followed a 30:30 run-walk interval, just like what I do during my training. No iPods for me, though! I enjoyed the morning breeze of the coastal road (it also included the smell of fish by the fisherman's wharf).

I made it to the finish line, safe and lucid, at an unofficial time of 1:45:07. Hey, not that bad! I made it! Woohoo!

A finisher! Woohoo! Here's the summary of what I ran. :)

The 7-11 Run 800 was very organized, with lots of water stations and friendly staff. It was definitely worth the wait after postponing the event twice last year (it was trash mayhem by the booth site, though).

It was so elating to finish a race that you worked hard for (a massive thank you to everyone who prayed for me!). One 10K down, four to go this year (or maybe 6?)!

Here's to another 10K - super soon!

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