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I'm back - so what happened on my one-month hiatus?

I have been away for a month! Geesh! Anyway, here's some excerpts and photos to get the time covered.

Hyundai Run 2012

I ran my first 5K in more than a year, wearing the proud social entrepreneurship color! So glad to finally ran along Roxas Boulevard. Blessings that happened - my father witnessed a running event where I was in, and I slashed a few minutes from my 5K time! Woo hoo!

I ran for social entrepreneurship!

A month later, I saw my singlet being signed by Gawad Kalinga Chairman Tony Meloto, Jr.

When Mr. Meloto became our guest speaker for a company event, I told him that my Hyundai 5K run was for Gawad Kalinga. After the program, he gamely signed my now-more-than-ever-precious Hyundai Run singlet! Thanks, sir!

My Hyundai Run singlet is now in a glass case. :)

Happy birthday to me!

Job gave me a bittersweet treat - I was sent to a brain-wracking news writing seminar out of town. Cool, right? I did a 15-round run within the hotel vicinity after a 10-minute warm up in a treadmill in the gym. The night before, I sent this message via Facebook and Twitter:

A few weeks after, my good ol' high school friend informed me about her birthday gift to me! Thanks, Vanessa!

Running photo album updated! 

I took some time to update my running photo album. It only has two leaves left!

Never put for tomorrow what you can do for today.

This was a lesson taught to me by my former boss' husband, who spent weeks in a coma. I knew him because of our boss, who was the HR Head in the school where I was employed before. We knew the guy as a very active person, a loving husband, and a father to his three boys. When me and my mother visited him in the hospital, I told him that I'll be back for a set of Christian songs for his mp3. He also gave me an 'ok' sign that they will join me for a 5K run once he gets out of the hospital. I never got to come back on time; he passed away just before the month of May ended. My songs never made it and I lost another possible running buddy.

Sir Dan, you taught me a very valuable lesson. I know your family will still be listening to the songs that I gave you, in as much as you are already singing them in the heavens. I dedicated my June 1 morning run to you and to all the dreams and aspirations that I will never put off for tomorrow.

So long, Sir Dan. Thank you for the lesson.

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